Praise is like a muscle; if we don't exercise it regularly, it becomes

weak. But if we flex and extend an attitude of gratitude daily,
praise grows into 
a strong, dependable force that nurtures hope and
carries us through the worst of circumstances.

Ever feel like a cloud is hanging over your head? Sometimes the cloud darkens
to the color of bruises, and we're deluged with cold rain that seem to never end.
When you're in the midst of one of life's thunderstorms,
tape this saying to your mirror:

Cry a river, laugh a rainbow. The rainbow, the symbol of hope that God
gave Noah after the 
flood. It reminds us even today that
every storm will eventually pass.

Always look forward. Always move forward. Keep that two-stranded
rope strong, and never lose hope of a better tomorrow.

Laughter is to hope as nonstick cooking spray is to a shiny new muffin tin:
It keeps the goo from sticking. Once the batter of everyday
responsibility hardens and 
adheres to our attitudes,
it's awfully hard to scrape off enough crust for hope

to shine through. But if we coat our day with a
little laughter , problems 
will slide
off a lot better. And hope sparkles.

By the end of the day most of us are ready to collapse.
Tight schedules, relentless 
deadlines, and plaguing debts make
our daily roads not just physically tiring but

mentally draining. Fill your buckets with living
water - read the Bible, listen to 
uplifting music, soak up
some inspiration any way available. It is then you will

enjoy some of life's refreshment and feel better. 

Everything has its beauty but
 not everyone sees it.

Ignorance is the night of the mind,
 but a night without moon and star.

This mail is shared with one of my friends. [Ateeq Ahmed Siddiqui, Hyderabad, India]