Occupy Wall Street Protestors: Mindless, Anarchist-Marxist Trash

From the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests, it was obvious to any thinking person the protestors were nothing more than a unwashed collection of mindless, Anarchist/Marxist slackers.

Marxists as in they believe they have a right take wealth from the productive people in society (Also called "the wealthy") and give it to society's less-productive and even non-productive people.

(Note: I wonder if these clowns would try to go two days without any item made by a Wall Street corporation, iPhone, laptop, bicycle, etc.)

Anarchist, as they have no respect for the property of others and no respect for the laws of the places they're occupying

The protests have gone on for nearly a month with little or no interference by local authorities. Any thinking person (Which rules out most liberals) can now see the protestors are nothing more than a stinking (literally) bunch of mindless, Anarchist Savages.

Protestors have engaged in public nudity, (and it's never the cute women who go nude) vandalism, illegal drug dealing and drug use, defecating on police vehicles, defecating on American Flags, assaulting police officers, stealing from other protestors, sexually assaulting females and AT LEAST one male. (One can't say they're not equal opportunity thugs) Even several protestors admit some of the areas where the protestors are camping are unsafe for women (and men).

In Oakland, there has even been one murder at one of the Occupy Oakland camps.

Taking a cue from Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, some of the speakers at the protests have engaged in anti-Jewish rants, screeching on about the evil Jewish bankers. I'm surprised Calypso Louie Farrakhan hasn't been invited to speak at any of the events. Actually, for all I know, maybe he has.

One would expect local authorities would have worked up a Number 6 on these Anarchist hoodlums several days after they became unruly. (Not familiar with a Number 6? That's when the police wade into the mobs, `a whoopin' and a whompin' every Anarchist thug who resists orders to disperse within an inch of their lives.)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of local governments, until recently have given the animals free reign. Really, where is the Ohio National Guard when we really need them?

Now FINALLY, some local governments are starting to crack down on the savages. However, it may be a long time before they're cleaned out for good. When you give concessions to hoodlums, the hoodlums begin to see a "temporary" concession as a "right"

David A. Sanders

I'm Black, and I'm Right!

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts, and those who harbor them."

President George W. Bush
September 11, 2001